Organizations receiving support from the Foundation

Advanced Academics

Paschal has one of the most-recognized and valued Honors and AP (Advanced Placement) Programs among all of Fort Worth's public and private high schools, helping Paschal students be well-prepared for a collegiate experience. The AP program consists of possibly several years of preparation courses (known as “honors” or “Pre-AP” courses) at the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years and often includes courses at the 8th grade and even at the 7th grade in middle school. The culmination of the process occurs when the student takes AP courses (college level classes) and then participates in the AP exams in May of the school year. Based on the scores of the AP exams, students may be able to earn college credit by "placing out" of college courses. However, the major benefit of the program is the excellent level of preparation students will have for college work.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) - PHS Educational Foundation

AVID enriches the “Paschal Experience" for more than 300 students who are traditionally under-served, first-generation college students, most of whom are on the free or reduced lunch programby preparing them for success in high school, college, and a career and by helping them find their passion while teaching them many valuable skills.

AVID's mission is to close the achievement and opportunity gaps, making post-high school education, including college, available to all students.  AVID is a global nonprofit organization established more than 30 years ago by one teacher in one classroom that today impacts more than 800, 000 students in 44 states and 16 other countries/territories.

AVID teaches skills and behaviors for academic success, provides intensive support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships, creates a positive peer group for students, and inspires a powerful vision of personal achievement gained through a belief in self, hard work and determination. The Paschal AVID students are supported through several mentoring activities provided by the PHS Educational Foundation.

Athletic booster

Interscholastic athletics is a unique educational forum for enriching the “Paschal Experience” for many male and female students. Student-athletes learn lessons that augment the overall educational goal of developing productive citizens. As an extension of the classroom, lessons in self-discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are integral components of the athletic program.

The Athletic Department here at Paschal believes that the role and purpose of interscholastic athletic participation shifts accordingly through the levels of competitive sub-varsity, and varsity programs. By focusing on participation and individual improvement, it is desired that a positive sporting experience will lead to the continuation of athletic participation by each individual far beyond high school.

Paschal offers students the following competitive sports opportunities: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, powerlifting & strength, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, and wrestling.

Harvest Project

Paschal Harvest Project is a social service organization created to service and be a resource for students who are in serious need. As a community we have come together to gather resources and services to create hope in our students, families, and community. The hope that tells them they can endure circumstances, overcome adversity and be resilient. The intent is to intervene in the life of a student during their time of need to potentially make a difference in their academic achievement and future possibilities. Our community team is comprised of teachers, counselors, administrators, community organizations and faith based partners that have come together to teach resilience amidst adversity. Our programs include the Care Closet, Pantry, Adopt a Panther, and Next Steps.

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 The Paschal Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program that teaches students character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, and diversity. It is a cooperative effort between the Army and Paschal to produce successful students and citizens, while fostering an enriched learning environment.

The outcomes of the JROTC program are:

  • Act with integrity and personal accountability as they lead others to succeed in a diverse and global workforce
  • Engage civic and social concerns in the community, government, and society
  • Graduate prepared to excel in post-secondary options and career pathways
  • Make decisions that promote positive social, emotional, and physical health
  • Value the role of the military and other service organizations

The Paschal JROTC uses a world-class 21st Century, technology driven, student centered curriculum. The curriculum consists of education in citizenship, leadership, social and communication skills, physical fitness and wellness, geography, and civics. The curriculum is facilitated and taught by certified, highly experienced retired Army personnel.

Legacy Project for Capital Improvements

The Paschal Legacy Organization is a partnership comprised of Paschal High School parents, students and alumni to supplement the financial resources of the FWISD providing capital improvements to enrich the Paschal Experiencefor both present and future Paschal Panthers.
Legacy is characterized by a prevailing Panther pride and passion for upholding the tradition of excellence and success that has characterized PHS as an exemplary educational institution of Fort Worth throughout its history. Since 1980, PHS athletic teams have won 37 district championships, 6 regional championships, and 1 state championship. With 61 National Merit Honorees in 2012, PHS led the Fort Worth Independent School District in SAT score and has had more National Merit Honorees than any other public or private school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The mission of the Paschal Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to serve the needs of all teachers and students so that every student’s Paschal Experience will be as rich and fulfilling as possible.

The PTA donates thousands of volunteer hours per year providing the staff and teachers clerical assistance of all types, plans and hosts events, maintains the Paschal website,, assists in landscaping the campus, and issues periodic PTA Newsblasts to keep families informed about Paschal activities on a timely basis.
In the 2014 – 2015 school years, the Paschal PTA gave the school over $31,000 worth of classroom supplies and equipment that was needed, but not covered by FWISD, and gave scholarships to graduating seniors covering both high scholastics and opportunity worth over $10,000.  The financial support of the PTA markedly enriches the Paschal Experience for many students throughout their high school years.

Performing Arts

The Paschal Performance Arts organization groups include band, choir, orchestra, and the Vagabond Players.  Participation in these activities frequently foster some of the closest bonds students will make during their entire Paschal Experience.  These activities enrich the students by teaching them valuable skills in music, creativity, oration, collaboration, and teamwork.  The students also grow in self-esteem and personal confidence that helps them reach their highest potential in their post-high school lives.


Student Organizations

The following 61 clubs enrich the “Paschal Experience” for students by providing opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions through these widely varied organizations:

Advertising Club, Arbor Club, Asian Student Association, Book Club, Chess Club, Cooking Club, Computer Science Club, Democrats, Distinguished Gentleman’s Club, Distinguished Ladies Club, Ebony Club, Family-Career-Community-Leaders of American, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Student Club, Fishing Club, French Club, The Gaelic Society Club, Garden Art Club, The Gamer’s Guild, Gay-Straight Alliance, Genealogy Club, German Club, Graffiti Abatement Mural Club, Graphic Design Club, Habitat for Humanity, Hispanic Society, Identity, Japanese Animation and Manga Club, Junior Statesmen of America, Key Club, Lacrosse Club, Linguistics Club, Link Crew, Longboarding, Math After School, National Honor Society, Origin of Engineers, Panthers for Pets, Panther Pride, Photography Club, Pirate Party Political Organization, Play It Forward, Penta Club, Recycled Art Work, Safe School Ambassadors, Science Club, Secular Society, Student Council, Students For Free Tibet, Students Politically United, Team Heifer, Toms Club, United Voices 4 Change/It’s Not Okay, Vagabond Players, Whiz Quiz, World Affairs Campus Council at Paschal High School, Young Republicans, and Zombie Club.

Visual Arts

Paschal’s Visual Art students win many top awards throughout the District, Region and State. Students are offered classes in Art 1, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Ceramics and Sculpture. For the focused, dedicated students with two previous art credits we offer Advanced Placement classes in 2D Design, Drawing and 3D. Students in those classes create a portfolio of 24 pieces of quality work to present in May to the College Board for grading.

We participate in numerous local contests such as Sister Cities, PTA Reflections, Imagination Celebration, Safe City, TCU Advanced Placement “That’s So Cool” and V.A.S.E. (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) at both the region and state levels. Our students participate in the Modern Art Museum’s TAP program as well as Imagination Celebration Apprenticeship where students work directly with professional artists. We also invite colleges with emphasis in art to come and present information about their college to the students.