Vision statement: Maximizing the potential of every Paschal Panther

Mission statement: The mission of the Paschal Enrichment Foundation is “to collaboratively raise and steward funds and other resources to enhance programs and activities for the benefit of the Paschal High School community.”


The Board of Directors consists of the Paschal Principal, as an ex officio member, The President of each official Organization as defined in the Bylaws, plus one at-large member elected from each organization.

From within the Board officials are elected including a President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and a five-member Executive Committee.

Current Board Members

Advanced Academics:  Primary Board Member, John Hamilton
Advanced Academics:  Second Board Member, Libby Gann
AVID /PHS Education Foundation: Primary Board Member, Joe Greenslade
AVID /PHS Education Foundation: Second Board Member, Trevon Jones
Athletic Booster: Primary Board Member, Ken Schaeffer
Athletic Booster: Second Board Member, Matt Miracle
Harvest Project: Primary Board Member, Susan Cook
Harvest Project: Second Board Member, Kendell Draper
JROTC: Primary Board Member. Lt. Col. Terry Le Boeuf
JROTC: Second Board Member, Sgt. Maj. Moore
Legacy: Primary Board Member, Kirk Jeffries
Legacy: Second Board Member, Dennis Johnson
PTA: Primary Board Member, Sarah Tempel
PTA: Second Board Member, Jill Black
Performing Arts: Primary Board Member, Bryan Wright
Performing Arts: Second Board Member, Molly Hyry
Student Organizations: Primary Board Member, Ryan Hoyler
Student Organizations: Second Board Member, Marty Hill
Visual Arts: Primary Board Member, Cavan Crane
Visual Arts: Second Board Member, Andrew Davila

Current Board officers

President, Kirk Jeffries
Vice-President, Dennis Johnson
Treasurer, Joe Greenslade
Executive Committee Members: Molly Hyry, Sarah Tempel, Jill Black, Ken Schaefer, Ellie Lasater, Melissa Mitchell

Board Meeting Minutes

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Click this link to download the Paschal Enrichment Foundation bylaws.