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Goal: 1000 Heroes by 2020
Current Members: 21

Be A Hero For Only $19 per month!

Why become a Panther Hero?

  • Help perpetuate the great heritage of Paschal High School

  • FWISD does not cover the costs and fees of many school activities today

  • Students who participate in school activities perform better


What are the membership fees used for?

  • Off-set student activity fees, some as much as $500 per student

  • Cover activity support supplies

  • Cover registration and travel fees when Paschal activities are honored with prestigious performance invitations. 
    The Paschal Choir has been invited to play at Carnegie Hall in 2020.  The cost will be $130,000.


Can I honor someone with a Hero membership? YES

  • Honor a current student

  • Honor a parent or grandparent

  • Honor a friend

  • Honor a teacher or coach


What are the membership fees?

  • Membership fees start at $19/month on an autopay plan.

  • One-time donations are also greatly appreciated.

Are membership fees and donations tax deductible?

  • YES

  • The Panther Hero program is a part of the Paschal Enrichment Foundation, a 501 c3 Charitable Organization.


Can I choose what Panther activity I want to support? YES (see below)

Panther Hero Registration

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  • PANTHER HERO membership is an automatic monthly contribution. Those wishing to make a one-time donation of any amount send a message to for assistance.

  • All PANTHER HERO membership fees are 100% Tax Deductible.  The Paschal Enrichment Foundation is an IRS registered 501 c3 Charitable Organization.

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Panther Hero Members

Christy Coffey ’89, Band and Color Guard HERO

Bob Hass ‘66, Band and Color Guard HERO

Kirk and Ann Jefferies, in honor of Jewel 2014 & Annabelle 2017

Julie ’81 and Doug Fuller, Band HERO

Janis Fraser-Arora, Band & Color Guard HERO, in honor of Sophia Arora 2022

Linda Zimmerman Steele '66, Alumni HEROES, in honor of Callie '22 and Caleb Hazzard '25

Carver Manufacturing, PHS Friend HERO

Joe Greenslade ‘66, Alumni HERO

Ken & Lori Schaefer, in honor of  Campbell & Sam Schaefer, 2018

Bryan and Lisa Wright, Faculty Band and Color Guard HEROES, in honor of Father, Don Wright ’64 and Uncle, Ed Wright ’61

Anonymous ‘66, in honor of James Garland Wood, Paschal Coach during the 1960’s

Bill West ’66, AVID and MBK HERO

Russell Jeanis, PHS Friend HERO

Carmen and Lois Vertullo, PHS Friend HEROES

Douglas Wiley ’65, AVID HERO, in honor of wonderful parents Gordon Wiley ’30 Class President and Marion Lowdon Wiley ‘33

Rix Quinn ‘66, Alumni HERO

Britton West 65, AVID HERO

Doug Pratt, Band and Color Guard HERO

Chris and Shana Hazzard, Vagabond HEROES in honor of Callie ’22 & Caleb ‘25

Anonymous ‘66, in honor of Weldon Maples, a terrific Panther HERO

Gwen Purvis, Faculty HERO

Dan and Kathleen Powderly, Choir and Vagabond HEROES  in honor of Thomas ‘22

Molly & Mike Hyry, PTA HEROES, in honor of Will ’13, Katie ’17, and Libby ‘22